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Lucky Bucket Brewery

  • 11941 Centennial Rd
  • La Vista, NE 68128
  • Region: Southwest
  • Phone: (402) 763-8868
  • Fax: (402) 763-8656
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  • Send E-Mail

Lucky Bucket is a local microbrewery located in LaVista that was started in 2008. Their name comes from the days before kegs and bottles were available, the only way to get beer was to take a bucket to the local brewery, fill it up and lug it back home. They admire the work it took to enjoy a great beer, so their name pays homage to our humble beginnings, the original Lucky Bucket.
Lucky Bucket is a distinctive new brewery that's as big on taste as it is in range. From exceptional renderings of classic styles to big barrel-aged ales, Lucky Bucket is quickly becoming known for real beers that just about any beer drinker can enjoy. Lucky Bucket currently brews five year round beers (Lucky Bucket Pre-Prohibition Style Lager, Lucky Bucket Heartland Wheat, Lucky Bucket India Pale Ale (IPA), & Certified Evil). Their newest release is their Oktoberfest bier which kicks off their new seasonal lineup. All are available at local bars, grocery stores & restaurants.

  • Hours: Tasting Room Hours: Wed-Fri (4-9pm) Sat (11am-4pm) Tours Times: Wed-Fri (5:30pm) Sat (12, 1 & 2pm)
  • Price: $3 for tour and tasting. Beer price varies in tasting room by beer. Daily specials available. Beer is also available for off sale, and a gift shop to purchase t-shirts, glassware, etc.
  • Wireless Internet:
  • Rental Price: Please call for pricing


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