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Nebraska Birding

Nebraska is a year-round birding hotspot. From the Yellow-billed Cuckoo to the Chickadee, discover why this part of the country offers a unique place to bird...…

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The Tea Smith - Old Market

  • 1118 Howard St
  • Omaha, NE 68102
  • Region: Downtown / Old Market
  • Phone: (402) 932-3933
  • Visit Website

An unexpected find, The Tea Smith offers artisan-quality loose-leaf teas and accessories; accurate information about tea; enhanced enjoyment of Life through tea; and a lovely atmosphere in the Old Market to sit and enjoy your favorite tea choice. A great place to shop for loose leaf teas and accessories!
Everyone at The Tea Smith works to make these goals a daily reality. We maintain a variety of fresh teas. Every employee participates in continuous education so that questions are answered accurately. Perhaps, most importantly, we listen to our customers because they will write the rest of the story. We're right here:

  • Hours: Open until 8:00pm Monday through Thursday, until 10:00pm Friday and Saturday, and 6:00 on Sundays


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