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Planning a convention or meeting is a delicate dance, balancing convenience, comfort and cost with new, memorable experiences. Omaha offers a seamless package, developed to lighten the planning burden while providing unique activities and a welcoming atmosphere for attendees.

Discovering a fresh destination that will delight and surprise your attendees is part of the Art of Conventioneering, because you don’t find hidden gems by mining obvious places.

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The Omaha Convention and Visitors Bureau is an ASAE Corporate Partner and PCMA Event Sponsor.  

CenturyLink Center Omaha 

CenturyLink Center and Hilton

Omaha's magnificent 250,000 square foot convention center has elevated the city as a leading Midwest convention destination. Located in the city's convention district, CenturyLink Center Omaha is close to the airport and more than 2,000 downtown hotel rooms.  

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