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Omaha Group Activities

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1 Bus, 2 Bus, 3 Bus tour, the Omaha Convention and Visitors Bureau is ready to help plan group tours of any size. We know you are looking for a unique experience you can't find anywhere else, and we deliver. Omaha offers a variety of tours including: mystery, ethnic, history, holiday and spring garden and fall color tours. Watch silent movies with live pipe organ music or explore the world's largest indoor desert. You can visit 12 countries without a passport, have afternoon tea at the elegant Joslyn Castle and be captivated by the intricate architecture of a Hindu Temple.

Our Group Tour experts are uniquely qualified to help you plan your group tour. Here on our website you will find comprehensive tools and resources to assist in planning your Omaha Group Tour. 

To take a look at some of Omaha's popular Group Tour packages and example itineraries click here. Itineraries include information on Omaha's most popular tours. To take a look at some of Omaha's popular Group Tour packages and sample itineraries, click here.

German DancersOmaha's Ethnic Tour will take your group on a world tour complete with Irish folk singers, Mexican folk dancers decked in colorful costumes, and a lesson in Czechoslovakian kolache making. The possibilities are endless! Visit Germany, Ireland, Greece, Mexico, Spain, Cuba, Scotland, Poland, Ukraine, Czech Republic, India, Japan, Italy, Sweden, China and Lithuania. The world awaits - all here in Omaha! 

History comes alive on an Omaha Historic Tour! Soda FountainSwivel up to an old fashioned soda fountain and stroll through President Truman's press train at the Durham Museum, Omaha's historic art deco train station. Visit the home of Civil War General George Crook and learn about the struggles and triumphs of the Mormon pioneers during their winter migration in 1846. Hold on tight as your motorcoach is high-jacked by cowboy bank robbers. Or discover hidden treasures in the historic riverboat community of Florence. 

Madrigal Christmasse FeasteDon't miss Omaha dazzle with more than a million lights, poinsettias that grow seven feet tall, a 150 gingerbread house village, holiday miniatures at Union Station and much more. Step back in time and experience a Madrigal feast, complete with traditional English courses, jester, wench and a cast of 30 who entertain your group with familiar music and mirth. Enjoy other favorite Omaha holiday traditions like Christmas in Germany, The Christmas Carol Musical and the stunning holiday concert at St. Cecilia Cathedral.

For more information, contact:

Bill Slovinski
Group Tour Coordinator
Phone: 402-444-1760


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