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Staycation: Enjoying Omaha on a Budget

Monday, May 23, 2011 3:00 AM by Mom Endeavors

"Mr. Mom Endeavors" and I are college sweethearts--we met at the University of Nebraska (Go Big Red!)! He grew up in Omaha and his parents still live there. Although we live in the Phoenix area now, we're rather familiar with (and quite fond of) the largest city in Nebraska! And, yes, there is A LOT more to do than just hang out in corn fields! :) With the rising gas prices, many are looking for summer fun that's affordable and maybe a little bit closer to home. So, whether you're local to the Omaha area (or will be visiting sometime in the

By: Malerie Yolen-Cohen

US Route 6 is not all about small towns. Several big cities are scattered along the way: Provincetown, Hartford, Cleveland, Des Moines, Omaha, Lincoln, Denver and Los Angeles to name a few.

It is not my intention to exhaustively research each of these places - there are plenty of other guidebooks that cover much more than I can in a few days. I DO plan to write about the important, the cool, the fresh, the lyrical, the "don't leave out if you have a day or two" stops - and leave the garden variety and boilerplate to

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