"Mr. Mom Endeavors" and I are college sweethearts--we met at the University of Nebraska (Go Big Red!)! He grew up in Omaha and his parents still live there. Although we live in the Phoenix area now, we're rather familiar with (and quite fond of) the largest city in Nebraska! And, yes, there is A LOT more to do than just hang out in corn fields! :) With the rising gas prices, many are looking for summer fun that's affordable and maybe a little bit closer to home. So, whether you're local to the Omaha area (or will be visiting sometime in the near future, like us), here's a highlight of some of the great family-friendly things to check out: If you don't live in the Omaha area (or aren't planning a trip in the near future), then check out the HUGE Staycation list with 85 cities featured! 

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