Allocation of Incentive Funds

The Tourism Event Development (TED) Committee is made up of five tourism community members. The Committee will review all applications and provide recommendations to the Destination Marketing Corporation Board for final approval. 

The TED Committee includes:

  • Two representatives from Omaha hotels
  • Two representatives from Omaha attractions
  • One representative from an Omaha restaurant

The Destination Marketing Corporation Board includes:

  • City of Omaha Finance Director
  • City of Omaha Attorney
  • Omaha City Council Tourism Committee Chairperson 

Note: A committee member is required to recuse themselves if they are involved in any way with an organization requesting funds.

TED Funding Allocation Process

Step One: To qualify for funds an applicant must first meet all of the following parameters:

  • Provide all required information in the application instructions
  • Multi-day event or festival that takes place within the city limits of Omaha
  • The application provides information on how the incentive dollars will be used to help produce a new festival/event or expand an existing festival/event.
  • The plan includes at least $2,500 in promotion to an audience outside a 50-mile radius of Omaha.
  • Your festival or event must contract, and or guarantee, a minimum of 50 hotel room nights.
  • The economic impact of your event must be more than $100,000 to qualify for incentive funds.

Step Two: If the applicant meets the requirements specified in Step One, the amount of money allocated will be partially based on a point system that will determine the percentage of the award an applicant will receive. Points will be calculated on the following:

  • Number of hotel room nights
  • Target markets reached through advertising
  • Location of event
  • Time of year
  • Fees associated with the event
  • Economic Impact

Step Three: All applications will be reviewed by the TED Committee which will provide recommendations to the Destination Corporation Board for final approval.

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