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Cafe 110

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A fresh cafe offering a modern twist on traditional tastes for breakfast and lunch.

Hours and Price - General
  • Hours: Mon-Fri/7am-5pm; Sat-Sun/9am-12pm
Menu - Menu
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  • Menu text: BREAKFAST SERVED ALL DAY CROISSANT SANDWICH Your choice of bacon, ham, or sausage with egg and cheese. $3.50 BREAKFAST BURRITO Your choice of ham, bacon, or sausage with egg and cheese. $3.50 OMELETTE WITH TOAST Two ingredients (Cheese included) $0.50 each additional ingredient. $4.25 WAFFLE Add fruit for $2.00 more. $2.25 BISCUITS AND GRAVY $3.00 TWO EGGS With potatoes and toast, any style. $3.25 FRENCH TOAST Served on brioche bread. $4.00 SIDES BACON $2.00 SAUSAGE $2.00 HAM $2.00 POTATO $2.00 FRUIT $2.50 DELI SANDWICHES GRILLED PANINI STYLE OR COLD ON MUTI GRAIN BREAD TURKEY, BACON & SWISS $4.00 ROAST BEEF WITH PROVOLONE $4.00 HAM & COLBYJACK $4.00 AVOCADO WITH VEGGIES & SWISS $4.00 CIABATTA DAILY SPECIAL $5.00 CROISSANT SANDWICH $4.50 TUNA OR CHICKEN SALAD $4.00 BURGERS 100% ANGUS BEEF. SERVED ON A BRIOCHE BUN. TURKEY BURGER Served with provolone. $5.00 BBQ, BACON & SWISS BURGER $5.00 AVOCADO BURGER Served with colby jack cheese & tomato. $5.00 BLEU BURGER $5.00 ASIAGO BAGEL BURGER Served with colby jack cheese. $5.00 CHICKEN SANDWICHES GRILLED ON CIABATTA BREAD. CHICKEN CORDON BLEU $6.00 BBQ BACON CHICKEN SANDWHICH With herb seasoned chicken. $6.00 CHICKEN PARMESAN $6.00 AVOCADO CHICKEN Served with colby jack cheese. $6.00 TERIYAKI & SWISS CHICKEN SANDWICH $6.00 BUFFALO CHICKEN SANDWICH Served with provolone. $6.00 PASTA CHOICE OF PENNE PASTA OR FETTUCCINI. SERVED WITH TOAST. ADD CHICKEN FOR $2. ALFREDO $6.00 MARINARA $6.00 BOLOGNA $6.00 NAKED $6.00
  • Meals Served:
    • Breakfast
    • Lunch
    • Dinner
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