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PappaRoti Bakery & Cafe

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Cut to Malaysia, since 2003, a mother with a passion for baking stands in her kitchen, her hands and attention focused on challenging the shape and texture of the roti dough. She loved coming up with new recipes and this favorite flatbread was a great place to start. Her goal was to create a brand new version of it - a roti bun. In 2002, she delivers a round, bun-like roti to her sun, watching tentatively as he bites into its warm, moist center. Little did she know, in one mouthful, her delicate, coffee caramel coated crunchy on the outside pastry with its rich buttery filling would have him hooked, changing the trajectory of all their lives forever! PappaRoti - Father of all Buns - is born.

Hours and Price - General
  • Hours: Monday: Closed Tuesday - Friday: 8am - 8pm Saturday: 10am - 10pm Sunday: 10am - 8pm