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Showtime Music

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Founded by Kevin Spracklin over 19 years ago, ShowTime Music has been a full time DJ service in Omaha, NE. since 1994. In 2009 STM updated there facilities with a world class state of the art DJ Showroom. Customers can come into STM and feel comfortable knowing they can see the kind of equipment there DJ will be using at there special event. ShowTime Music uses the latest in DJ sound equipment and lighting. STM is the only DJ Co. in America that exclusively uses BOSE pro-line sound systems. The L1 B2 Model. STM also features Chauvet digital led lighting. This special lighting helps create just the right atmosphere you will need for your event. As you can see this web site is designed for the customer, You will be able to navigate through the ShowTime Music site effortlessly. The more you look around the more great things you will find to ad to your event with our easy to use event booking system. We invite you to tour our facility to see how serious we are about your party. ShowTime Music is the only Professional DJ Service in the Midwest that has a DJ academy located inside it’s facility.