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Stella Artois

Explore the Stella Artois legacy that’s over 600 years in the making

The Beer

Stella Artois is an authentic, imported blonde Belgian Lager beer, with a floral, hop aroma, well-balanced fruity malty sweetness, crisp hop bitterness and a soft dry finish. Stella is an incredibly versatile beer, the carbonation in Stella Artois can cut the heat of spicy dishes or its soft dry finish can allow the rich flavors of items like steaks to shine. Stella is the best-selling European Import beer on-premise and the #1 Belgian beer in the world.

The Chalice

The Stella Artois Chalice is a symbol of authenticity and value, that allows the beer to be served as the brewer intended, enhancing its unique appearance, aroma and flavor. The shape of the glass creates the right size head which is an integral part of the flavor experience. The angles at the bottom of the glass release the carbonation making it light, easy drinking and refreshing.

Stella Artois. Take Time to Enjoy.