10 Ways to Make a Splash in Omaha

Omaha welcomes swimmers, coaches and fans to the cheer-inducing, record-breaking Olympic Swim Trials. In between swim competitions, you’ll want to explore the city. Here’s a sample of some exciting (and delicious) adventures you can find during your Olympic-sized weekend in Omaha.

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1.  Visit the World's Best Zoo -  In between trips through the world’s largest indoor desert and America’s largest indoor rainforest, explore the African Grasslands at Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium. Take in 28-acres of breathtaking panoramic views and long vistas teeming with African wildlife. It’s The Lion King come to life! .

2.  Shop, Eat, Drink, Repeat - A short walk from Omaha's convention center and arena, the Old Market Entertainment District is buzzing with history and entertainment. Listen to the sounds from street musicians while strolling cobblestone streets lined with shops, pubs, and distinctive Omaha restaurants.

3.  Meet Bob! - He's Omaha’s most eligible bachelor and invites women to walk all over him!  Actually... Bob is Omaha's tweeting, Instagramming, one-of-a-kind pedestrian bridge connected to more than 150 miles of trails. Chat with Bob at @BobTBridge. 

4.  Visit 15 Giant Blue Push Pins - We’ve made it easy for visitors to find the fun in Omaha by ‘marking’ 15 top Omaha attractions with giant blue push pins.  Each attraction offers year-round, unique experiences that appeal to a wide range of interests.  Download the pin map and visit all 15 locations.


5.  Taste the Original - Try the Reuben Sandwich in the city it was created. Yes, it was invented in Omaha – we don’t care what those New Yorkers say. Reuben hot spots are sprinkled throughout the city, so pull up a seat and dig in!

6.   Something for the Carnivores - Eat like an athlete and get your protein from a juicy Omaha steak. Omaha's legendary steakhouses will keep your carnivorous cravings at bay as you start your steak pilgrimage here. Whether you want flame-broiled, whiskey-doused or wood fire-grilled – Omaha’s got you covered!

7.  Explore Omaha One Bite at a Time - Perhaps the easiest way to take a bite out of the city is by hopping on an Omaha Culinary Tour.  Omaha’s food scene is bursting with new flavors for you to sample, and these signature tasting tours introduce you to unique culinary experiences.

8.  Get in the Water and Float - Float down the Elkhorn River with Tubing & Adventures. It’s your chance to get in the water and enjoy taking in the sights and sounds while cruising down the river.  Not just for adults, kids will love the wet ride too.

9.  Get the Meat Sweats and Go Home Victorious - Give your inner athlete a true workout when you take on the mother of all beef challenges. Throw out the calorie counting and bite into the Stellanator – a massive meat mountain weighing in at 4.5lbs. and 4,900 calories.  Few have finished the burger piled high with every possible burger topping (seriously…more people have been to the moon)!

10.  Get Your Art On - Interact with Omaha’s public art throughout the city. Pose with larger-than-life jugglers in front of Omaha’s downtown convention center, nearby see one of the country’s largest public murals, and watch out for a "stampede" rushing through the downtown area. 

This is just the beginning! See more things to do in Omaha and find Omaha events happening during the US Olympic Team Trials for Swimming.

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