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Congratulations on reaching VIP status. As a Very Important Person you will receive quarterly boxes filled with special gifts just for you. They will help you get acquainted with a fresh, new city ready to surprise your attendees and make your event a success. Browse below and discover how Omaha meets the four pillars of a perfect meeting and event destination.


Located in the center of the country, Omaha offers easy accessibility from either coast. Ranked #1 in customer service, Omaha’s airport (OMA) offers non-stop service to more than 26 of the nation’s largest airports. The convenience continues upon arrival, it’s a short 4.7 mile trip to Omaha’s downtown convention district, with many area hotels offering complimentary direct shuttle service. This means attendees can go from fluffy clouds to puffy pillows in no time. With a Walkability score of 85, twelve blocks per mile means you can walk an Omaha block in a New York minute, making the downtown convention district easy to navigate.


Omaha’s downtown convention district offers plenty of room to stretch out and get comfy. The city’s downtown 346,000 sq. ft. convention center includes 194,000 sq. ft. of exhibit space, plus an attached 18,300-seat arena. There are more than 3,000 downtown hotel rooms, including two full service properties directly across the street - the 333-room Capitol District Marriott, and the 600-room Hilton Omaha which is connected to the center via glass-enclosed skywalk. A few short blocks away, you’ll find The Capitol District and Old Market entertainment districts filled with locally owned restaurants, bars and boutiques.


A cornerstone of a strong destination is the ability to provide attendees with an experience to remember. Walking across a suspended rope bridge in the middle of the largest indoor rainforest in North America may do the trick, or how about eating dinner under glass in the world’s largest desert dome while meerkats scale rock cliffs nearby. History buffs can hop on board authentic train cars at the nation’s first art deco train station, and explore a pink marble masterpiece filled with more than 11,000 rare works of art. Outdoor enthusiast will enjoy exploring more than 100 acres of botanical beauty nestled along the riverfront, and a walk on Bob is a one-of-a-kind experience that allows you to stand in two states at once while suspended over water – it’s selfie gold.


Omaha is a tasty oasis for the culinary curious. In farm country, attendees will sample dishes that have helped inspire the farm-to-fork movement sweeping the nation. Steak is in the city’s DNA, and attendees will enjoy making their steak pilgrimage for a legendary cut of beef. Omaha is also the birthplace of the Reuben sandwich, yep, it was invented right here. While countless renditions exist today, you should always travel for the original. Unforgettable flavors from every nook and cranny of the globe can be found within blocks of Omaha’s downtown convention district. From classic Italian to smoky Cajun Creole, authentic Mexican to upscale French, signature sushi to fiery Persian cuisine, the heart of Omaha is a beloved culinary melting pot that knows how to satisfy.

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