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Nebraska Birding

Nebraska is a year-round birding hotspot. From the Yellow-billed Cuckoo to the Chickadee, discover why this part of the country offers a unique place to bird...…

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Omaha Weather

Omaha experiences all four seasons. Summer brings average temperatures ranging from the mid to high 80s during the heat of the day to the mid-60s at night. In the spring, the average high temperature is around 63 degrees and the average low is about 40 degrees. Fall weather in Omaha usually stays around 70 degrees during the day cooling off to the mid to low 50s at night. Wintertime average high temperatures are in the mid-30s with average lows dipping to the mid-teens.

  • July, on average, is the warmest month
  • January is usually the coolest month
  • The most precipitation normally occurs in May
  • Average yearly snowfall is approximately 28 inches and usually falls during December, January and February

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