Hi, I'm Bob. I'm a bridge.

Technically I’m a 3,000 ft. pedestrian bridge, but actually I’m a 3,000 ft. magic trick – suspended in air by mere cables (and two really tall towers and a whole lotta something going on under the water), but other than that it’s all magic.

For my next trick, since I’m the first walking bridge to connect two states, if you stand in just the right spot “POOF” you’re in two places at the same time. Take a photo and now you're "Bobbing"…trust me, it’s a thing.

Like most bridges, I have a troll. At first, it was weird, but OMAR has become my true, blue friend. So get to know me (and OMAR) a little better. Check out my Vlog – I like to share visually. Learn all about me in the What About Bob section (read it now, before it becomes a major motion picture). Under Walk on Bob you’ll find out how to find me, and a list of places to get some grub that aren’t too far from me…I’m thoughtful like that. You can always chat with me on Twitter and Instagram!

That’s enough of an intro…start clickin!