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Omaha Creative Institute provides memorable experiences for visitors and residents alike through our Artist-Run Exhibition program. The Artist-Run Exhibitions Program emphasizes professional development by assisting Omaha area artists throughout the entire process of organizing, marketing, and mounting a curated exhibition. Artist curators develop a curatorial concept, schedule studio visits with other artists, identify potential venues for the exhibition, and create press releases and marketing materials to promote the show. OCI is there each step of the way to lend support and advice that enables exhibitions to take shape outside the context of larger institutional systems. Through our Artist-Run Exhibitions Program, OCI aims to: -encourage artists to make their own opportunities through self-organizing -cultivate stronger peer communities, and -connect emerging artists to wider audiences and patrons.

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  • Announcements: Omaha Creative Institute is a 501c3 nonprofit that provides local artists with the training and opportunities they need to build sustainable careers in the arts. We do this through professional development, offering grants to artists, and connecting artists and patrons.
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