Sunny and Chair LogoSunny & Chair Showcases Homegrown Art

Summer just got more beautiful at Midtown Crossing. A collection of art that is uniquely Omaha makes an urban setting even more beautiful, inspiring, and relaxing for residents and visitors alike.

A handful of local creatives, artists, illustrators and designers have added color and inspiration to Midtown Crossing thanks to an array of hand-painted cedar wood Adirondack chairs. The artists, who went through a selection process, were matched with a signature/iconic Omaha landmark. Subjects range from Omaha’s entertaining neighborhoods full of history and character to attractions like its world-renowned zoo and Bob the Bridge. Armed with their unique talents, each artist was given a month to complete their creation.

The result is a dazzling, vibrant collection of Adirondack art pieces for the public to enjoy throughout the neighborhood’s Turner Park Patio this summer and fall. Visit more than once because you’ll find something new in the details each time you admire the pieces. After soaking up the sun while lounging on a unique piece of art, explore the neighborhood and see why travelers choose Omaha for their weekend getaways.

Below is more information about the creations. For complete descriptions from the artists, click here.

Sunny and Chair “Recreation” by Dan Castenada (Sedra D)

“Recreation” by Dan Castenada “Sedra D”
The chair pays tribute to a vibrant palette of colors and features. “Follow” the trails and visit many activities throughout Omaha including Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo & Aquarium, Lauritzen Gardens, Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge, lakes, golf courses and more.

Sunny and Chair “Arts in Omaha” by Reeya & Saroja Chundury

“Arts in Omaha” by Reeya & Saroja Chundury
Inspired by many of the iconic, public art creations in Omaha, the chair’s design pays tribute to Omaha’s Fertile Ground mural, First National’s Spirit of Nebraska’s Wilderness and Pioneer Courage Parks, the “Imagine” sculpture in front of the Children’s Hospital, and OMAR the Troll.

Sunny and Chair “Omaha” by Jim Classe

“Omaha” by Jim Classe
Celebrating Omaha’s iconic landmarks and destinations, this chair depicts zoo animals dwelling among familiar buildings, illustrations of popular statues representing Boys Town and the NCAA Men’s College World Series, a street sign recognizing the birthplace of Malcolm X, a Strategic Air Command jet protecting us all from above, and the Memorial Park with brilliant fireworks in full display.

Sunny and Chair “North Omaha” by Joy Cotton

“North Omaha” by Joy Cotton
The chair celebrates youth in North Omaha. A young person and a bright smile are prominently displayed and the center focus of this chair. The beauty and fullness of the young person’s natural hair and the arms stretched in a classical pose demonstrate strength.

Sunny and Chair “Old Market” by Robert Donlan

“Old Market” by Robert Donlan
The chair’s design celebrates the relaxed pace and energy of Omaha’s Old Market Entertainment District. A vibrant use of color emulates the vitality of the market while the warmth of the red colors complements the red brick buildings.

Sunny and Chair “West Omaha” by Samantha Dunne

“West Omaha” by Samantha Dunne
Zorinsky Lake is prominently featured on this chair to highlight and celebrate the many beautiful, natural areas accessible to Omaha residents and visitors. On the arms in particular, native plants artistically capture the many recreational features of West Omaha.

Sunny and Chair “Zoo” by Russell Johnson

“Zoo” by Russell Johnson
Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo & Aquarium is a shared favorite attraction amongst residents and visitors. There’s always something fascinating and new. Represented on this chair are a few of the artist’s favorites animals.

Sunny and Chair “South Omaha” by Amelia Koneck

“South Omaha” by Amelia Koneck
The work ethic, “work hard, play hard,” is the inspiration for this South Omaha-themed chair. Prominently featured is the Livestock Exchange, packinghouses, railroads, and a collection of unique small businesses.

Sunny and Chair “Omaha Neighborhoods” by Samira Moody

“Omaha Neighborhoods” by Samira Moody
Celebrating the many unique neighborhoods throughout the City of Omaha, this chair depicts an array of unique establishments including the Dundee Community Garden, Saint Cecilia Cathedral, the Shops on 24th Street in South Omaha, Joslyn Castle, and Stinson Park in Aksarben Village.

Sunny and Chair “Zoo” by Russell Johnson

“Agriculture” by Ina Ohnmeiss
Paying homage to the rich agricultural landscape throughout Nebraska, the chair celebrates the many stockyards, the great steakhouses, cows grazing and corn growing in the fields. The artist uses dot mandalas and dot patterns to enhance the spots on the chair and on the cow.

Sunny and Chair “Downtown” by Caroline E. Porter

“Downtown” by Caroline E. Porter
Inspiration comes from the downtown streets which are abundant with historical brick buildings, restaurants, apartments, and boutiques. The buildings are remnants of the industrial boom, once the backbone of Omaha.