Omaha's Specialty Foods

Omaha knows how to bring the food. All you need to bring is your appetite.

Omaha is famous for its steaks–superbly seared melt-in-your-mouth homegrown beef. And the Reuben sandwich, invented at the Blackstone Hotel, has become an American culinary staple. It’s even home of the Stellanator challenge: 45 minutes to eat a six-patty burger with fried eggs, cheese, bacon, and more.

Of course, Omaha still does beef better than anyone, but it has added new specialties, too. Obsessive, inventive chefs – locally born, relocated, and immigrant talent – have elevated Omaha’s dining scene to garner national acclaim. Gastropubs present bodacious burgers. Vegan eateries entice even the most carnivorous. Food halls with Omaha design flair serve sushi rolls, crepes and pizzas. And in Omaha, you can be sure the trip from farm to fork is short, so you’ll enjoy the freshest bounty in each bite.

And don't forget all the tasty drinks and desserts in between.

Explore below as Now Serving Omaha presents an introduction to various types of cuisine done Omaha-style. Have fun planning all the places you’ll eat during your stay.

Omaha’s Specialty Foods

Omaha still does beef better than anyone, but from farm-to-fork and tacos to vegan and gluten-free options, it has added new specialties, too.


Tacos. Everyone’s favorite handheld meal. So versatile…


Vegan eating should be an exciting, flavorful culinary…


In a city known for its access to fresh ingredients, ramen…