Omaha Public Art Displays

Public art in Omaha is big - in fact, it actually stampedes right through the city. 

Spirit of Nebraska's Wilderness and Pioneer Courage Parks consist of more than 100 individual bronze pieces covering more than six city blocks. Big doesn't even begin to describe the 32,500 sq. ft. mural, Fertile Ground, considered one of the largest public murals in the country. From the playful juggler and stilt-walker statues on the grounds of CHI Health Center Omaha to the contemporary sculptures that pepper the landscape of Downtown Omaha, you'll find art in the most surprising places. 


Fertile Ground Mural

Sculptor: Meg Saligman
Location: 13th & Webster Streets
Date: 2009

Fire in the Hole

Sculptor: John Barlow Hudson
Location: Omaha-Douglas Civic Center Plaza
16th and Farnam Streets
Date: 1986

The Road to Omaha

Sculptor: John Lajba
Location: TD Ameritrade Park Omaha
1200 Mike Fahey St
Date: 1999

Dance of the Cranes

Sculptor: John Ramondi
Location: Eppley Airfield
Date: 1986

Yellow Ascending

Sculptor: George Sugarman
Location: Joslyn Art Museum
24th and Dodge Streets
Date: 1977

Spirit of Nebraska Wilderness

Sculptor: Kent Ullberg
Location: First National Bank of Omaha
(downtown tower)
16th and Dodge
Date: 2002


Sculptor: Eva Aeppli
Location: Garden of the Zodiac
1042 Howard Street (Old Market Passageway)
Date: 1980

Nebraska Grilles

Sculptor: Stephen Robin
Location: Roman L. Hruska
United States Courthouse
111 South 18th Plaza

Nebraska Centennial Glass Mosaic

Artist: Tom Bartek
Location: World Building
18th and Douglas Street
Date: 1967

Learning To Fly

Sculptor: Matt Lowe
Location: CHI Health Center Omaha
Date: 2005

Blue Cube

Sculptor: R. Justin Stewart
Location: CHI Health Center Omaha
Date: 2005


Sculptor: Matthew Placzek
Location: CHI Health Center Omaha
Date: 2007

Plant Life

Sculptor: David Helm
Location: CHI Health Center Omaha
Date: 2005

Sky Fin

Sculptor: Catherine Ferguson
Location: CHI Health Center Omaha
Date: 2005

Vista 17

Sculptor: Jackie Sterba
Location: CHI Health Center Omaha
Date: 2005

Omaha's Cultural Quilt

Various artists
Location: CHI Health Center Omaha
Date: 2005

Martin Luther King Jr.

Sculptor: Littleton Alston
Location: Farnam Street, Civic Center Plaza
Date: 2003


Sculptor: Catherine Ferguson
Location: W. Dale Clark Library
Date: 2005


Sculptor: Jun Kaneko
Location: 1001 Cass, Hilton Omaha
Date: 2004



Sculptor: Alice Aycock
Location: UNO South Campus,
67 and Pacific
Date: 1993


Sculptor: Sidney Buchanan
Location: Pacesetter Corporation,
4405 South 96th St.
Date: 1994

Toreador Red

Sculptor: Dale Chiluly
Location: Peter Kiewit Institute, UNO,
1110 South 67th Street
Date: 2000


Sculptor: Grant Kenner
Location: Creighton University,
South of entrance to St. John's Church
2500 California
Date: 1992

Dundee Streetcar

Artist: Jay Tschetter
Location: Underwood Ave & Happy Hollow Blvd.
Date: 2002


Sculptor: Littleton Alston
Location: UNO Campus
Allwine Hall, 6001 Dodge St.
Date: 2001

Castle of Perseverance

Artist: Andrew Leicester
Location: UNO Campus
Weber Fine Arts building,
6001 Dodge St.
Date: 1993

Sounding Stones

Sculptor: Leslie Iwai
Location: Turner Park (Midtown)
Date: 2005


Sculptor: Littleton Alston
Location: North 24th St.
Date: 2004



Sculptor: Leslie Bruning
Location: 101 South 108 Ave.
Date: 1984

Reading Garden

Sculptor: Catherine Ferguson
Location: Millard Library,
132 Westwood Lane
Date: 1999

Wind Organ

Sculptor: Douglas Hollis
Location: Standing Bear Lake,
132nd and Fort Street (NE entrance # 4)
Date: 1989

He's My Brother

Sculptor: Enzo Plazzotta
Location: Boys Town Campus,
155th and Dodge St.
Date: 1977

Angel of Hope

Sculptor: Ortho and Jared Fairbanks
Location: Boys Town Campus,
155th and Dodge St.
Date: 2010


Sculptor: Saunders Schultz
Location: Northern Natural Gas Company
111 South 103 St.
Date: 1991

Heart and Soul

Sculptor: Trudy Swanson
J. Doe project, One Pacific Place,
104th and Pacific Sts.
Date: 2001

Valmont Around The World

Sculptor: Milton Heinrich
Location: Valmont Industries, Inc.
One Valmont Place