Omaha "Dive" Restaurants

Being an Omaha dive is considered a badge of honor. When something starts out as a crazy idea and turns into something truly special, you’ve discovered an Omaha dive.

Omaha dives create those travel-worthy dishes that will have you ready to pack the stretchy pants and make the trip to Omaha. Enjoy a weekend packed with food either fried, breaded, drowning in gravy, or layered to perfection. Friendly locals greet you with a warm smile and an eager suggestion of the menu’s best dishes.

The Omaha dives scene includes a soul food queen, a 4.5lb burger, a family of raccoons, a meal in a bunza, and a lot more. Scroll below and find the Omaha dive that piques your culinary curiosity. First, check out the video above on Omaha’s delectable dives.