Drinks and Desserts in Omaha

Before, after and in between each indulgent meal in Omaha, there’s always room for tasty extras like coffee, dessert and beer. Fortunately, Omaha has the sips and sweets to satisfy any visitor’s palette.

For the caffeinated folks, Omaha has dedicated baristas crafting Instagram-worthy lattes in every corner of the city. But it’s not all about the latte; Omaha coffeehouses serve their locally-roasted coffee and are bagging it too. If you have a sweet tooth, Omaha’s confectionery collection of specialty ice cream parlors, bakeries and chocolatiers will more than satisfy. Dessert has never been so delicious. Looking to imbibe craft brew-style? Omaha is gaining national recognition as a top beer city, and the Craft Brew Penny Pack showcasing the city’s makers is a great place to start your beer journey.

Explore below and discover how Omaha will tempt you with all the extras to round out your flavorful visit.