Seafood in Omaha

Yes, you read that right. Omaha, in the country’s most landlocked state, presents delectable and fresh seafood options that will have you believing the ocean is nearby.

For visitors who are seafood fans, you’re in luck–Omaha has impressive bites on menus across the city from fresh and light to fried and comforting. And one thing Omaha’s seafood-focused restaurants all have in common: their seafood is flown in and guaranteed fresh. These restaurants pride themselves on having tight relationships with fish-mongers on both coasts, and the best way to honor these connections is to make your dining reservation right now.

At Yoshitomo’s Ota, enjoy the Midwest’s only omakase experience and trust James Beard Award-nominated chef David Utterback to prepare memorable bites right in front of your very eyes. An Omaha seafood staple, Shucks serves up a veritable plethora of comfort-food level seafood eats from calamari and oysters to crab cakes and lobster bisque. Pacific Eating House and Twisted Cork Bistro, whose owners hail from the Pacific Northwest, promise always natural, always wild seafood with sophisticated options like ahi sashimi and mahi-mahi.

This is just a taste. Scroll below for restaurants serving up fresh options. But first, watch the video above on Omaha’s seafood scene.

Omaha Seafood Photos