Omaha Steakhouses

Driving to Omaha for steak isn’t a trip, it’s a pilgrimage.

Omaha's cow-know-how is legendary thanks to premiere steakhouses and beef heavy hitters, such as Greater Omaha Packing, and Omaha Steaks. Both companies, and their beautiful cuts of meat, have helped make Omaha the steak capital of the world. So if you’re looking for a marbled slice of decadence, a cut of beef that you’ll remember like it was a birthday gift,  travel to the city known internationally for doing steak like no other. 

For years locals and visitors have discussed where to enjoy the most mouthwatering cut of steak. Now it’s your chance to weigh in, browse below and take a juicy bite out of Omaha’s sizzling steakhouses.

Omaha Steak Photos