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Fernando's Cafe and Cantina - N 114th

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A family-oriented Mexican restaurant, Fernando’s was established in 1993 and is known for its commitment to preparing authentic Sonoran-style Mexican recipes, cooked by those who know it best, Mario, Martin, Pasqual and Antonio, and served by the friendliest staff around. Even this far from the border there’s no reason to settle for anything less than the best in Mexican fare. From our made-from-scratch sauces, seasoned meats, and signature recipes, to every blend of margarita you can imagine, you’ll think you’ve taken a trip to the Sonoran capitol of Jalisco, Mexico, where our recipes originated. No passport required. Our customers tell us our pico de gallo with fresh-baked flour chips couldn’t be tastier. All of our food is prepared fresh daily, using as much local product as possible. Before dawn our kitchen staff is busy preparing, seasoning and chopping all the ingredients used in our dishes. Unlike Tex-Mex fare, the emphasis in Sonoran cooking is not on being spicy hot but, we have found, is like a bouquet of rich and varied flavors. You want to spice it up? Just pour on our famous hot sauce, made with a special mix of peppers, chiles and tomato sauce. No need to ask…it’s on every table, ready to satisfy. Come for the food. Come back for the total experience! Excellent fresh, authentic recipes, served in a casual, warm atmosphere, are Fernando’s mission and promise to you! Fernando's also has two private dining rooms. Each can accommodate approximately 50 people.

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  • Hours: Mon: 11am - 9pm
    Tue-Sat: 11am - 10pm
    Sun: 4pm - 9pm
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