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Jaipur Brewhouse

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Jaipur’s has been voted as one of the best romantic places in town. Authentic experience, complete with soothing and promising music in the background. Jaipur’s scrumptious lunch and dinner menu offer entree items from Chicken Tikki Naan with mint chutney to the locally popular Tandoori Chicken and Muligatanny soup to name a few. On-site brewed beers which include Jalapeno Ale, Wheat, India Pale Ale, Raspberry, and Nut Brown Ale is a must. The renowned Jalapeno Ale beer is a locally favorite and is the most requested beer on the brewery’s menu.

Hours and Price - General
  • Hours: Sun-Wed: 5pm - 9:30pm
    Thu-Fri: 11am - 2pm & 4:30pm - 10:30pm
    Sat: 4:30pm - 10:30pm