District 9

Senator John CavanaughJohn Cavanaugh

Senator Cavanaugh’s district is Omaha’s foodie heaven. From Midtown to Blackstone, visitors can find endless places to grab the perfect bite. The Reuben sandwich was created in the Blackstone neighborhood in the 1920s. The popular bar and grill, the Crescent Moon still serves the original recipe. Underneath the Moon is the Huber Haus, an authentic German beer hall where beer lovers can experience a Das Boot! For authentic yet modern Mexican fare, Mula is just a short walk away, with a unique look and a large tequila selection. Midtown Crossing has plenty of restaurants to choose from, pet friendly areas, and a large outdoor amphitheater where everyone can enjoy Yoga in the park, free summer concerts, and more. Browse below for more things to do in Senator Cavanaugh’s district.