OMAHA, NEB. - The Omaha Convention & Visitors Bureau (OCVB) is giving the Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge (Bob) a voice and a stage, sharing Bob's distinct point of view through a series of videos.

The goal is to increase awareness of Omaha as a visitor destination by turning a one-of-a-kind bridge into a personality that can connect with people in a fun and creative way. Bob has a unique perspective on Omaha and he has a lot to say. Let's face it, all the guy does is hang around - why not tap him as a resource and have him help share Omaha's story.

The OCVB has initially created 13 different Bob videos that will be released weekly over the next several months via social media. Each video ends with the musical tagline "It Happens on Bob" (trust us, it's a catchy tune). In the videos Bob has a dry sense of humor peppered with a friendly Midwestern self-confidence - he's a handsome bridge and he knows it. "Yeah, the Golden Gate, she digs me," said Bob in one of the OCVB videos.

The OCVB also has plans to create fun ways for the public to engage with Bob such as:

"What Would Bob Say" contests
Bob's Twitter and Instagram pages - @BobTBridge
#ItHappensOnBob - where fans can share their Bob encounters
A special webpage, - dedicated to Bob and "Bobbing" photos (Standing in two states at the same time has become so popular that Bob has coined his own word for it: "Bobbing".)

As for the voice behind Bob, that's a secret - Bob thinks a little mystery is good thing.

Click here for a sneak peak at a sampling of the Bob videos.