Bob With A Vlog

When you're 3,000 ft. of hanging art, you like to show off a bit and keep things visual. Scroll below and follow my vlog (video blog) and see things from my point of view.

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Bridge Giggles Ahead
Bob's Reality Show Goals
Bob has a Bridge Joke
Bob has a "New" Baseball Joke
Bob on Shortcuts
Bob on Sport Support
Bob: Rated G
Bob Covers Neil Diamond
Bob on 2 Being Better Than 1
Bob on Wisdom
Bob on Clothing
Bob on Connections
Bob on Looking for Love
Bob for President
Bridge Vote
Voting Registration
Bob on Sunsets
Bob on To-Do Lists
Bob on Total Packages
Bob on Summer
Bob on heat
Bob on Bridge Beats
Bob on Baseball
Bob on the Olympics
I'm 3,000ft of cheap date...
Bob on Speedos
You're Invited...
Let me show you a magic trick...
This is how "I do..."
My Trip to the Spa
Meet my high flying friends...
Bridges are a Dog's best friend
The Latest Viral Sensation...
I welcome models of all shapes,...
Everyone's a winner on Bob...
Introducing...Bob's Beats
Put me in Coach!
Goodnight Omaha
I'm a Handsome Bridge
Hi, I'm Bob. I'm a Bridge.
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