Harold's Koffee House

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Where Hash browns and a "Hammy" Hubby are Always on the Menu

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and in Omaha we showcase our AM dining with pride. For example, Harold’s Koffee House, an energizing start to your Omaha weekend. Located in Omaha’s Florence Neighborhood, Harold’s adds flavor and charm to the surrounding historic attractions. The family owned and run restaurant promises hearty, homemade breakfast and lunch grub. Locals flock for Harold’s homemade doughnuts, fresh baked pies, hot coffee and the sizzling scents floating from the kitchen.

Each morning, 50 pounds of potatoes are boiled, peeled and shredded to create the craveable, crispy hash browns that helped build Harold’s reputation. The browns are a key ingredient to the fan fav known as the Suzi Special. Suzi, one of Harold’s daughters and the chief egg slinger, created the dish. A plate full of grilled onions, hash browns and two scrambled eggs – regulars recommend smothering the dish with cheese and gravy. If you add ham it becomes a Clive (named for Suzi’s husband, an infamous ‘ham’). Nearly every breakfast dish is served with a house pancake. A giant, fluffy, Frisbee-sized cake that sends you back to dreamland. The heavenly hotcakes are perfect for a maple syrup lake.

When you’re on vacation, every meal is important, but breakfast sets the tone for your culinary day. Start off right with a trip to Harold’s. Watch the above Now Serving Omaha webisode featuring Harold’s Koffee House. Click below for restaurant details, Yelp reviews, and to get social with Harold’s.

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