Shirley’s Diner

Now Serving Omaha

Welcome to Shirley’s Diner, an Omaha one-stop-shop for foodies looking to savor cozy comfort food. Bright ‘50s nostalgic décor accent the walls and every corner of the friendly neighborhood diner, but it’s the lovingly hearty food, served in enormous portions, that keeps regulars coming back.

A top fan fav served all day at every meal is the chicken fried steak smothered in a savory, housemade sausage-cream gravy. For those looking for a more challenging meal, the breakfast burrito awaits – a 12in. tortilla stuffed with bacon, sausage, eggs, cheese, and topped with queso blanco. (Yes, there’s an emphasis on “stuffed.”) Like every Omaha diner, Shirley’s features a beefy house burger layered with coleslaw, fried onions, and crispy bacon. Looking for a tasty beef treat? Ask for the BBQ slaw burger.

Stop in and say hello to Shirley, pull up a seat, and let her tell you the story of how changing her name was more economical than buying a new sign. The cozy diner emits charm so thick you could soak it up with a biscuit. So start your day with a delicious splurge at Shirley’s Diner. Check out the above Now Serving Omaha webisode featuring Shirley’s, then click below for restaurant details, Yelp reviews, and to get social.

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