Omaha City Council

Founded in 1854 by land speculators, Omaha was incorporated as a city in 1897. Omaha, named after an American Indian tribe, means “those going against the wind or current.” The city continues to live up to its name with world-class attractions, nationally known restaurants and a creative culture feeding an ever- growing artistic community.

Omaha is governed under a Mayor-Council form of government; the city is divided into seven districts each offering a unique Omaha experience. See below for more information on Omaha and what’s available in each Councilmember’s district. Learn more about Mayor Jean Stothert here.

Omaha quick facts:
  • Population: Omaha 446,599 / Metro Area 925,858

  • Nebraska's largest city

  • 41st largest city in the United States.

  • Located in Douglas County

Council Members:

District 1 - Pete Festersen

District 2 - Juanita Johnson

District 3 - Danny Begley

District 4 - Ron Hug

District 5 - Don Rowe

District 6 - Brinker Harding

District 7 - Aimee Melton