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These 2 Omaha neighborhoods have some of the coolest bars and restaurants in America

Five years ago, the corner of 40thand Farnam didn’t inspire much hope. Save for a few random storefronts, the street was deserted, and many of the buildings had been boarded up. As money was poured into developing the downtown area, and businesses continued to move out west, it appeared that many locals had simply forgotten about this part of town. Not Jay Lund…

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Impromptu Vacay in Omaha!

What was supposed to be a college visit with just my oldest, turned into a mini family vacay! We packed up the car and headed to Nebraska early Saturday morning. The trip from KC to Omaha is about 2 and a half hours (give or take the 75 mile an hour speed limit)…

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Taking over Visit Omaha one photo at a time

It was a coup of epic proportions. They never saw it coming. Well, actually, they did, since Lisa worked with the Omaha visitors Bureau (Visit Omaha) for a weekend takeover of their Instagram account. We toured parts of Omaha not many people take in during their travels to our burg…

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