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Iowa Foodie Review

Omaha Restaurant Week - Brix

By: Amy For dinner on our trip to Omaha for Restaurant Week, we dined at Brix. Located in Omaha's Midtown Crossing neighborhood at 220 S 31st Ave, Ste 3103, Brix is much more than just a restaurant. It's really a sort of a total food and wine experience, with a retail and wine market, bar and restaurant all in the same space. Read More…

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Omaha Craft Brewery Tour - Upstream and Borgata

By: Amy Another fun thing we did when we were in Omaha for Restaurant Week is visit a couple of craft breweries featured in the Omaha Craft Brewery Tour. Once again, our friends from Visit Omaha were kind enough to set us up with a free pint at each of 8 great breweries in Omaha - and the best thing is that if you want to request your own brewery card, just click here! Read More…

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