The humble food hall has gotten a facelift in Omaha.

In any one of Omaha’s four lively and distinctive food halls, diners can have their pick from an array of cuisines prepared and served up by local restaurants and eateries. The plentiful food options at each location help to guarantee that no one dining experience will be the same, giving foodies the feeling that they’re a kid in a candy store.

To help showcase this unique part of the city’s robust culinary scene, we’re tapping local foodies to eat their way through Omaha’s food halls. Who better to kick off the fun than local foodie and influencer Dan Hoppen, who operates Restaurant Hoppen. The website highlights curated lists by cuisine, a blog, and podcast each focused on Omaha’s food scene. He handpicked The Switch Beer & Food Hall for our inaugural food hall sampling adventure.

The Switch in The Blackstone District is the nation’s first food hall to be designated a 3-Star Certified Green Restaurant™ by the Green Restaurant Association. This environmentally-forward space includes a light-filled indoor dining area with outdoor patio, and features six kitchens/eateries with special events and pop-ups to keep the fun going all night long.

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