Hi, I'm OMAR the Troll!

Many miles I roam. In my quest to find my own place to call home. Where do I belong? In a treehouse? A cave? Even trolls need a place to feel happy and safe. I’d like a companion. Will you be that friend? My traveling buddy in our journey ahead?

Ever curious, restless and insatiable, OMAR ventures throughout Omaha and learns if you treat the world with kindness and openness, you'll always find a home in the friends and experiences you enjoy. Meet OMAR in person at the Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge (friends call him Bob), a welcoming place where all walks of life gather. Interact with OMAR through videos that you will find on the bridge, and even turn yourself into OMAR using the special Snapchat filter.

Before making Bob his home, OMAR traveled through Omaha, stopping at exciting attractions and making new friends. Read all about OMAR's adventures in his book "OMAR finds a home" available now as a free download! Cozy up with the family and experience the city through the colorful pages. If you would like to receive a message when "OMAR finds a home"  is available for purchase again, please email info@visitomaha.com. 

OMAR Swan Pose

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