Lithuanian Bakery

Now Serving Omaha

Like a fine wine or a good bottle of brandy, bakeries get better with age. Recipes are perfected, temperatures are fine-tuned and house secrets are painstakingly developed. A prime example of such a bakery is here in Omaha. The Lithuanian Bakery has been a sweet Omaha staple for more than 40 years, filling the city’s air with the smell of sweet breads, tortes, kolaches and other treats.

The number one seller is the Napoleon Torte – a true gift straight from Lithuania. The dessert takes three days to make, but trust us, it’s worth the wait. Fresh house-made dough rests overnight and in the morning is baked into large, thin wafers. A wafer is placed in a pan, creamed by hand, and topped with another wafer. This process is repeated and leads to 17 layers – with a sweet apricot filling at the center. (Yes, 17 layers of sweet, creamy goodness.) The completed torte is then covered in wafer crumbs. The delectable treat is frozen and shipped to fans all around the country.

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