WheatField’s Eatery and Bakery

Now Serving Omaha

For many of us, desert is a staple in every meal. Omaha’s culinary wizards have created some of the most craveable sweet treats that keep locals satisfied and visitors coming back for more. WheatField’s Eatery and Bakery is one of Omaha’s longest (and sweetest) dining traditions serving breakfast, lunch, dinner and desert. Living up to its reputation as a place where all families gather, WheatField’s serves a warm and friendly atmosphere with a heaping helping of cozy comfort food. The 14-page menu is a melting pot of Midwestern favorites and European fare.

Every sandwich, including a tangy version of Omaha’s original Reuben, is served with fresh, house-baked bread. This bread adds a new, robust flavor to each dish. The true star of every WheatField’s meal comes from the Bakery. A local fan favorite is the caramel bread pudding, made from leftover cinnamon rolls that are chopped, dried and transformed into a creamy bread pudding. The strawberry wedding cake is one of the bakery’s most popular cakes. Fluffy white cake is covered in a whip cream based icing and fresh strawberries.

Visit Omaha and gather at WheatField’s for a memorable family meal. First, watch the above Now Serving Omaha webisode featuring WheatField’s, then click below for restaurant details, Yelp reviews, and to get social.

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