Ted & Wally’s Premium Homemade Ice Cream

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Ice cream is more than just a remedy for the broken hearted. More than a satisfying silencer for screaming children. Ice cream is the ultimate sign of indulgence and an instant smile-maker. Above all, ice cream is travel-worthy food.

Whether you’re looking for a reprieve from the summer heat or a decadent winter treat, Ted & Wally’s Premium Homemade Ice Cream will delight you with unique, sweet concoctions all year-round. Affectionately called Ted & Wally’s, this Omaha institution’s slow churn, super-premium, made-from-scratch ice cream is made with 18% butterfat and all-natural ingredients. Fresh seasonal flavors are made daily. Think apple cider sorbet, caramel pecan pie, peach cobbler, funnel cake and cosmo coffee crunch. Fan favorites include salted caramel mixed with Oreos and jalapeno cream cheese. Admit it; we had you at butterfat…

Lines out the door don’t lie. Locals and visitors flock to both locations conveniently dropped in two of Omaha’s favorite entertainment districts – the Old Market and Benson, two historic neighborhoods churning up classic ice cream flavors. The rich flavor comes from eggs and cream – a recipe created by the owners. With premium ingredients, the daily creation is meant to be consumed immediately. (This is not a freezer-bound dessert.)

Remember, ice cream knows no season in Omaha. So start planning your sweet Omaha weekend today. First, watch the above Now Serving Omaha webisode featuring Ted & Wally’s, then click below for restaurant details, Yelp reviews, and to get social with Ted & Wally’s.

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