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75+ Fun Things to Do in Omaha, Nebraska

With a rich culture and history, Omaha offers plenty of interesting activities to do if you’re in town. From the beautiful gardens to the Holland Performing Arts center, you’ll find plenty of things to marvel at, places to eat, and spots to relax. Check out 75 of our top selections in the state…

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Weekend in Omaha

For the last year or so, I’ve been “talking the talk” with friends about how we need to do more weekend road trips to nearby cities in the Midwest…

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5 Reasons to Visit Omaha

Two-thirds of the way through the summer my family started to get a little stir-crazy. We still had a month left of summer but nothing “fun” scheduled. At that point I knew we needed something to look forward to, something to get us out of town. Something like a weekendroad trip to Omaha…

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Restaurant Week: Le Bouillon

Restaurant Week: Le Bouillon Restaurant Week is like an annual holiday – an opportunity (or excuse?) to dine at Omaha restaurants I may not otherwise enjoy in the foreseeable future. More restaurants than I could count on two hands, of 60+ participating restaurants, were personal contenders. Le Bouillon, a fairly laid-back French restaurant in Omaha’s Old Market Entertainment District, won my pick for a number of reasons: novelty, menu and ambiance (perfect for date night). Le Bouillon focuses on farm-to-fork comfort food from rural France…

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