Omaha Locals Know Best

When it comes to exploring Omaha, locals know best.

Experience Omaha like a local with unique insights to make your trip unforgettable. Experts featured in our Locals Know Best series provide practical insider tips to enrich your Omaha visit. Browse below and discover unmissable attractions, incredible eateries, and authentic experiences throughout the city.

Chef Nick Strawhecker from Dante

The Omaha native and owner-chef of Dante, an Italian restaurant featuring scratch-made pasta, fresh seafood, and locally sourced produce, cheese and meat, dishes on…

Bite-Size Advice

Get acquainted with Omaha experts ready to offer tips to help fill your Omaha itinerary. Pick an expert and click through to watch their videos.

Chad Chaney is a passionate beer guru who keeps the city toasting all weekend!

Cody Fenske is a talented creative with a keen eye and ear for local art and music.

Dana Zucker is a New York native turned Omaha-lover with a vast knowledge on everything fun.

Davina and Scott Schrier are lovers of Omaha art, music and community.

Josh Cox and Josh Point, affectionately known as The Josh’s, love to explore Omaha neighborhoods in search of quirky, memorable experiences.

Kim Reiner, local mom and mother of two. Expert in exploring Omaha and finding bite-sized fun.

Friends wonder if Jasmyn and Daniel Goodwin even know how to cook, because they eat out so often.

Makayla McMorris is enthusiastic about her family and finding fun in Omaha.

Parents to two very energetic boys, Lauren and Matt Huber are always looking for ways to entertain their kids.

Patrick Drickey may be the hippest grandpa you’ll ever meet with the best stories.

Full of love and laughter, Patrick and Marisol have been grinning at each other for more than 10 years.

Susan Thomas and Steve Hutchinson are a happily retired couple enjoying every day like it’s their weekend.

Laura Alley and Susie Smolder are like your favorite aunts who know all the best places and the best people in town.

Paul Kulik is Omaha’s foodie master with the kitchen skills to make every meal a true culinary experience.

Roxzanne and Ryan Feagan are mountain bikers, animal lovers, whiskey aficionados and community volunteers.

Marisol Nguyen is a young food and arts enthusiast always ready with a delicious suggestion.