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5 Things to do in Omaha when it's freezing

Wednesday, January 17, 2018 3:00 PM by Postcard Jar

We planned an overnight trip to Omaha recently on what turned out to be one of those bone-chilling cold days we have here in the Midwest. The forecast called for snow showers, 30-mile-an-hour winds, and temperatures dropping to below zero that night. Instead of cancelling the trip, we made a bold decision and decided to embrace the challenge of finding things to do in Omaha when it’s freezing. And, we got a great deal on our hotel rooms, never waited in a line, and had rock star parking everywhere we went!

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Omaha, Neb., and Council Bluffs, Iowa, are far from twin cities, but their proximity to one another makes for a multifaceted destination equipped to serve a wide variety of meeting preferences. While Omaha percolates with urban excitement and Council Bluffs has a more laid-back vibe, both offer groups outstanding amenities, accessibility and services.

75+ Fun Things to Do in Omaha, Nebraska

Thursday, October 27, 2016 12:00 PM by

With a rich culture and history, Omaha offers plenty of interesting activities to do if you’re in town. From the beautiful gardens to the Holland Performing Arts center, you’ll find plenty of things to marvel at, places to eat, and spots to relax. Check out 75 of our top selections in the state.

Good Neighbors: Omaha, Nebraska

Monday, July 27, 2015 11:27 AM by In Good Taste Denver

While it can be exciting to travel far and wide for adventure and good times, sometimes, we don’t have to go very far at all. In Part 2 of our posts about our visit to Nebraska, we explore Omaha which, I’ll admit, I can’t say without hearing Peyton Manning’s play-call in my ear. Far beyond being the home of Omaha Steaks, Mutual of Omaha and the home of Warren Buffett, Omaha has so much to offer.

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