Kitchen Table

Now Serving Omaha

When food loves you back, you taste it in every fresh, flavorful bite. Omaha’s Kitchen Table has been serving up affectionate food since opening its doors. Kitchen Table creates a revolving menu of unique dishes all made from scratch and friendly owners, Colin and Jessica, will proudly tell you about each locally sourced ingredient.

On any given day, visitors are treated to culinary concoctions such as the Focaccia pizza topped with roasted broccoli, fresh mozzarella and a creamy vodka sauce. Regulars check Kitchen Table’s Facebook and Twitter feeds each morning for the “Sandwich of the Day” which can range from grilled eggplant smothered in marinara sauce to a spicy patty melt topped with havarti cheese and a fried egg. Each sandwich is served with savory popcorn (popped stovetop-style in a large cast iron pot).

Pop in and stay a while, after all, “the most important things in life happen around the kitchen table.” So gather the family and make some culinary memories. Check the Now Serving Omaha webisode above featuring Kitchen Table.  Click below to see restaurant details, check out Yelp reviews and get social with the Table.

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