Now Serving Omaha

Diners looking for local flavor in unapologetically bold dishes will feel at home at Stokes.

With its wide array of offerings using local ingredients to create chef-driven dishes, Stokes corners the market in Southwestern cuisine. Hearty dishes are categorized to help curious diners find the perfect palate match. Menu items fall into one of three categories:

  • Rich, flavorful and bold: Think cheesy enchiladas covered in white and poblano sauces.
  • Spicy, Southwestern, Mexican spices: Imagine spiced steak or chicken tacos topped with green chilies.
  • Hot!!! You order it, you own it: If you’re the boldest person you know, sink your teeth into a habanero meatloaf smothered in a chipotle BBQ sauce.

Explore your bold side and push your taste buds to the limit! First, watch the Now Serving Omaha webisode featuring Stokes. Then click below to see restaurant details, check out Yelp reviews, and get social with Stokes.

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