V. Mertz

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V. Mertz is a classic 40 year-old restaurant in the heart of Omaha’s historic Old Market Passageway. Step down into the beautiful corridor and stroll through unique boutiques, confectionary shops, galleries and restaurants. The picturesque walkway is made of rich, brown and red colored bricks covered in lush greenery. The fragrant aromas from V. Mertz’s kitchen float into the passageway, inviting guests to take a seat at one of the white linen tables.

The V. Mertz menu changes daily, but stays true to its Nebraska roots by only serving produce found locally. A mainstay of the menu is a New York strip steak made in a classic French styling. The steak is encrusted in black peppercorn and covered in a rich demi-glace. The dish is a true showcase of Omaha’s beef knowhow. With a robust wine list, V. Mertz offers a classic dining experience while pushing diners outside their comfort zone with wholly original dishes.

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