The Boiler Room

Now Serving Omaha

It’s no surprise that Omaha restaurants are on the forefront of the farm-to-fork movement sweeping the nation. With an abundance of thriving farms sprinkled throughout the state, many Omaha restaurants take advantage and create unique menus based on seasonal availability. One award-winning restaurant takes things one step further with the menu changing daily. The Boiler Room, located in a refurbished industrial space in Omaha’s Old Market Entertainment District, features farm-fresh foods in a unique presentation that makes for a distinct culinary experience. The cool atmosphere, low lighting and picturesque food make for a memorable night out.

Boiler Room firmly believes that great food begins on the farm. Each meal becomes an individual culinary adventure. Will you feast on monkfish, pork loin or Wagyu flank steak? It’s all based on what the local growers and foragers are offering. Watch the above Now Serving Omaha video and plan a visit to test your taste bud's limits.

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