Wicked Rabbit

Now Serving Omaha

You’re invited to step through the looking glass into this Wonderland-themed speakeasy serving high-end craft cocktails with plenty of flair.

Walk into the small, unassuming liquor store aptly named The Looking Glass. Greet the laid-back store clerk with a smile and browse the small space filled wall-to-wall with spirits of all types. Here comes the trick that makes the magic happen: tell the clerk you’re looking for the Wicked Rabbit. Without hesitation, the clerk approaches a shelf with the lone bottle by the same name, and with a small push the entire wall opens up to a whole new world built for the mad at heart.

Step inside and watch the bartenders and servers, rocking brightly colored wigs and clothes, shake and serve extravagant drinks straight out of the cleverest of imaginations. Walk among the “mad people” and find a quiet table in the corner. Peruse the menu by candlelight and soak up the sleek and sexy atmosphere. Order a Ramos Gin Fizz, tequila old fashioned or (if you’re feeling bold) the Zombie. Feeling curiouser and curiouser? Let the short videos on this page give you a sneak peek into Omaha’s speakeasy. Then come to Omaha and find something a little wicked.

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