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The historic Benson neighborhood is known for original breweries, a white-hot music scene, and a variety of Omaha restaurants ranging from hip and upscale to friendly and casual. Mantra falls comfortably in the middle, best described as a colorful culinary experience. A younger restaurant in the storied neighborhood, Mantra offers visitors a bright, artistic atmosphere, menus bursting with colorful dishes, and off-street parking for easy arrival and departures.

Whether visiting for brunch, happy hour or dinner, diners leave satisfied with a new favorite. The dinner menu especially sparkles. The Mantra Lollipops are savory treats made of lamb, turkey or meatloaf and served with a cilantro shallot cream sauce. Yes, meat lollipops…take a moment to add them to your foodie bucket list. The Thai Vegetable Salad is an absolute fan favorite. This colorful, decorative salad is layered with fresh zucchini, yellow squash, bell peppers, fried wonton noodles, cabbage, edamame, peanuts and a house made chili-lime dressing. Feel free to pick a protein – chicken, salmon or steak. Be one of the first to try the Citrus-Crusted Chicken, a new dish already creating buzz; citrus marinated chicken topped with prosciutto, ham and provolone cheese – a carnivore’s delight.

In Benson, it is customary to belly-up to the bar and Mantra shakes up the game with the Stoli-Doli. Take six large pineapple chunks and marinate in vanilla vodka for 14 days. Shake vigorously with ice and a splash of simple syrup. Serve in a martini glass with a pineapple wedge and that’s a drink worth toasting!

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