Alpine Inn

Now Serving Omaha

Foodies can answer the call of the wild at the Alpine Inn – where fried chicken is loved by everyone…and we mean everyone. Affectionately referred to as “Home of the Wildlife,” Alpine Inn invites fried food lovers to come in, sit down, and make new friends. Evening diners of another species sit outside the restaurant’s windows feasting on chicken scraps, providing entertainment for human diners.

Curious folks come for the raccoons and stay (and come back) for the chicken. The perfectly seasoned crunch gives way to tender, juicy meat – after just one bite, folks (and animals) fall in love. Paired perfectly with a side of hand-cut fries, this is truly a unique dining experience. This family of raccoons officially make Alpine Inn a hit among locals…of two species. Watch the short videos on this page and discover a new meaning to the phrase “winner, winner chicken dinner!

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