Railcar Modern American Kitchen

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Inspired by the railroad industry and the traditional dining car experience, Railcar Modern American Kitchen offers a menu that exceeds expectations. Railcar is located in an unassuming strip mall in the Northwest corner of the city. When hungry visitors step in, they’re immediately greeted with the scent of sizzling meat on the grill, fresh cut spices, and baking bread.

Railcar’s menu captures the very best of land and sea with local Omaha flavor. The Railcar Red Top Farms Kobe Burger is a fan favorite, topped with red onion, creamy brie cheese, garlic aioli and smothered in sweet and savory bacon apple jam. Knowledgeable servers will likely recommend the grilled salmon, served with fried arancini stuffed with goat cheese and blanketed in a roasted red pepper cream sauce. Many of the featured dishes are inspired by the head chef’s cross-country travels. Take the brick chicken, for instance - whole chicken breast cooked quickly between a pan and a hot brick. Diners love the crunch as they bite through the crispy outside to the juicy, tender inside.

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