The Surfside Club

Now Serving Omaha

In Omaha, summer means Surfside. Chillin’ by the Mighty Mo (Missouri River) enjoying live music, cold beers and famous fried food. It’s a special treat available during the spring and summer months. Here’s the menu:

•  Catfish,
•  Pork Tenderloin
•  Chicken
•  Corn Fritters

That’s it. You know you’ve found a special place when the menu is shorter than your grocery list and there’s always a long line. The Surfside Club has proudly served world-famous deep fried fun since 1952. The catfish and chicken are each seasoned and fried in a secret house batter that’s known for sparking crispy cravings long after the first bite. Regulars insist on every first-timer trying the corn fritters. The hot, fresh and crispy fritters are always perfect – crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. Dip the fritters in honey and they become a dreamy-dive-delicacy.

With plenty of room at the marina, visitors can feel free to BYOB (bring your own boat). What locals know: When eating at this riverside fav, there is always a chance you’ll see a “full moon” from rambunctious boat travelers passing by. Consider it induction into the Surfside Club.

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